Cassini Connect
Femtosecond laser cataract platforms

State of the art Cassini preoperative iris imaging and astigmatism diagnostics are used to automatically compensate for ocular cyclotorsion, head tilt and movement that might occur during docking – allowing for increased accuracy in the placement of arcuate incisions and identification marks for toric IOL alignment.

Automatic connectivity will reduce manual transcription errors, procedure time and costs.


Diagnostics for advanced
Astigmatism Management

Cataract surgeons will benefit from Cassini’s in-office diagnostics, uniquely developed for premium cataract surgery.


  • Cassini encrypted connectivity
  • Reduced manual marking
  • Automatic cyclotorsion compensation


  • Minimized manual transcription errors
  • Easy-to-use application
  • Reduced procedure time and costs


  • Refined guidance for arcuate incision placement
  • Improved accuracy with Total Corneal Astigmatism
  • Pinpoint axis direction for toric IOL alignment

Total corneal

Total Corneal Astigmatism is measured by raytracing through the individual input of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces.

  • Up to 700 ambient LED points measure the anterior and posterior cornea directly
  • Instantaneous image acquisition reduces the need to compensate for eye movement artifacts
  • Not measuring the posterior corneal astigmatism could result in incorrect estimation of total corneal astigmatism, hindering toric IOL selection through overcorrection in with-the-rule astigmatism and under correction in against-the-rule astigmatism 9
  • Nomograms & formulas are useful for IOL calculations, but may yield limitations in challenging and irregular corneas
  • To improve the accuracy and personalize the measurements, the direct evaluation of the posterior corneal surface will provide valuable insights 10
  • Point reflection keratometric data is trusted by cataract surgeons for planning and managing astigmatism

What top surgeons say about
Cassini’S FLACS connectivity

Jonathan Solomon Testimonial

“The Cassini Ambient is a brand new device in every way –
taking both preoperative and intraoperative integration to a whole new level. Their integration with my LENSAR® and ALLY™ allows for unbelievable accuracy for toric and arcuate incision alignment.”

Jonathan Solomon, MD
Solomon Eye Associates, Bowie, MD, USA

“The Cassini Ambient is quick, precise and user-friendly with state-of-the-art electronics and camera technology. In my opinion, there isn’t a better technology out there.”

Dee Stephenson, MD
Stephenson Eye Associates, Venice FL, USA

“Iris registration technology with the femtosecond laser has made highly accurate automated cyclotorsion compensation possible. The iris registration maneuver allows for precise alignment of arcuate keratotomy incisions on the intended meridian, thereby significantly improving the predictability of the procedure.”11

Denise M. Visco, MD, MBA
Eyes of York, PA, USA
President, American College of Eye Surgeons

“Iris registration was useful in accounting for cyclorotation during a procedure where corneal or intraocular lens–based forms of astigmatic corrections will be used.”12

Robert J. Weinstock, MD
The Weinstock Laser Eye Center, Largo FL, USA

The Diagnostic






Ocular Surface

Ocular surface disease (OSD) can have a significant impact on your cataract outcomes. Cassini provides an incorporated objective screening tool to quickly identify ocular surface irregularities.

Screening application: Case example of an irregular ocular surface

Screening application:  Case example of a regular ocular surface

Screening application: Case example of pre-DED treatment

Screening application: Case example of post-DED treatment

”We must actively examine cataract surgery candidates for OSD and begin treatment before biometry and surgery. This practice will lead to more accurate IOL power calculations with better outcomes and less residual refractive error.” 13

Ocular Surface

Real-time visualization to evaluate ocular surface behavior.


Cassini provides important diagnostics to manage astigmatism with confidence.

  • Ability to detect central corneal irregularities 14
  • Detailed topography mapping from visual axis to periphery for optimal evaluation
  • Valuable corneal aberration profiling for toric and multifocal IOL screening

“Cassini is a better alternative for toric IOL planning and, as such, stands to pave the way for surgeons who have been hesitant to implant these premium lenses.”

Douglas Koch, MD
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA

“Superior in central corneal measurement to Placido and Scheimpflug in case of high irregularity.“

A. John Kanellopoulos, MD
Laservision Eye Institute, Athens, Greece
New York University Medical School, New York, USA

”With Cassini preoperative planning, you can confidently treat your patient’s cataract with toric IOLs and provide precise astigmatism correction in a single procedure.”

Jonathan Solomon, MD
Solomon Eye Associates, Bowie, MD, USA


Light intensity reduced by 70%

Improved patient comfort

Faster acquisition & less chair time

Technician friendly

Latest camera technology

Unique FLACS connectivity workflow

Platform for future functionality