Cassini® latest software release version 2.5 takes performance and usability to next level

Cassini announced the release of system improvements to its Cassini Corneal Shape Analyzer with the 2.5 version of software. Improvements to Cassini were based on close collaboration with leading eye surgeons and focused on further increasing precision and efficiency.

N E W S  R E L E A S E

The Hague, Netherlands – Burlington MA, August 14, 2017 – Cassini announced the release of system improvements to its Cassini Corneal Shape Analyzer with Version 2.5 software. The development work was based on close collaboration with leading eye surgeons using the Cassini as their go-to diagnostic platform for refractive cataract surgery. Version 2.5 software focuses on further increased performance of posterior corneal measurement and enhanced workflow efficiency.

The 2.5 software release includes pupil contraction stimulation to further optimize data acquisition of the posterior cornea, as well as dedicated LENSAR® Streamline™ workflow, which further enhances the seamless data interface between the Cassini diagnostic platform and the LENSAR® femtosecond laser system.

A recent study by Denise M. Visco, MD (Eyes of York Cataract & Laser Center, York, PA), presented at the 2017 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, demonstrated that Cassini in combination with LENSAR® achieved 94.6% postoperative residual astigmatism within 0.5 D and 99.3% within 0.75 D in 279 eyes undergoing cataract surgery. These results were achieved by performing laser assisted arcuate incisions automatically generated using wireless transfer (Streamline™) of the preoperative undilated iris-registration image and corneal analysis data from Cassini to the laser system. Cyclorotation was automatically compensated by adjusting incision placement using the preoperative data from Cassini.

Cassini offers a comprehensive suite of services to support the rapidly growing global customer base. These services include the ability to download the latest software version, as well as the option to remotely provide application support where needed.


About Cassini

Cassini pioneers smart and superior eye diagnosis solutions that are affordable, fast and user-friendly for care providers worldwide to serve their patients best.

Cassini Total Corneal Astigmatism helps cataract surgeons to better understand corneal properties in order to improve outcomes and increase premium patient volume. Cassini offers a full suite of examinations required for toric and multifocal IOL implantation, including corneal topography, mesopic and photopic pupillometry and full color photography. The technology employs red, green yellow and IR LEDs that are each positioned in a unique relationship to four of its neighbors, giving each one a GPS-like coordinate. Cassini uses the ray-tracing principle to measure the relative position of each point, using the three different colors as ‘triangulation’ points.




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