Cassini® to announce Joris Vogels as new Chief Executive Officer of Cassini Technologies B.V

Cassini, a pioneer in the development of corneal diagnostic solutions, announced today that it has appointed Joris Vogels to Chief Executive Officer of Cassini Technologies B.V. Joris will succeed current CEO Jeroen Cammeraat, who will assume the role of Chairman of the Board.

N E W S  R E L E A S E

The Hague, Netherlands – Burlington MA, February 11, 2019 – Cassini, a pioneer in the development of corneal diagnostic solutions, announced today that it has appointed Joris Vogels as Chief Executive Officer of Cassini Technologies B.V..

Jeroen Cammeraat and Joris Vogels co-founded and developed Cassini into a leading company in the area of corneal diagnostics and premium refractive cataract surgery. The company has built a large global customer base with leading cataract surgeons. Cassini has also been driving the development of image-guided procedures in cataract surgery based on its unique IP and the partnerships with multiple companies including Leica, Lensar and Ophtec.

“I want to thank Jeroen for his leadership and vision” says Joris Vogels. “It has allowed us to build the company we are today and creating an excellent foundation for a bright future. We are currently working on a number of exciting developments that will bring Cassini to the next performance level. These developments will also allow us to further leverage this technology platform for seamless integration in the clinic and surgical suite and expand strategic partnerships to other key players in the industry”.

Jeroen Cammeraat comments “It has been a privilege to build a successful venture from the ground up with Joris and an extremely talented and dedicated team. My appreciation goes to the many surgeons who believe in our vision and technology from the early days onwards and who have been at the foundation of our success. I want to congratulate Joris on the appointment as CEO. I am confident that Joris will do an outstanding job in leading the company to the next level as CEO and am looking forward working closely with the Cassini team as Chairman of the Board”.

“We look forward to working with Joris as CEO and Jeroen as Chairman of the Board”, says Chris Sonnenberg, General Partner of Innovation Industries. “Joris has been with Cassini since its inception and has made tremendous contributions in various roles including Chief Operating Officer. We are confident about the future of Cassini under his leadership and in the role of CEO”.


For more information please contact:
Joris Vogels, CEO, +31 70 399 31 12


About Cassini®

Cassini pioneers smart and highly accurate corneal diagnostic solutions that are affordable, fast and user-friendly, providing care providers worldwide with advanced technology that best serves their patients.

Cassini helps cataract surgeons to better understand properties of the total corneal in order to improve outcomes and increase premium patient satisfaction and volume. Cassini offers a full suite of examinations required for toric, extended depth of focus and multifocal IOL implantation, including corneal topography, posterior corneal analysis, mesopic and photopic pupillometry and full color photography. The technology employs red, green yellow and infrared LEDs that are positioned in unique relationships, giving each one a GPS-like coordinate. Cassini employs the ray-tracing principle to measure relative position, using the color LEDs as triangulation points.