The AVENTA Surgical Microscope is designed specifically for Ophthalmology, manufactured in the USA and offered by SERJ Instruments. Surgeons will experience incredible clarity, versatility, and a true partner in improving outcomes.

These are some of the noteworthy attributes which set the AVENTA apart:

  • Excellent optics with patent-pending technology
  • Optimal red reflex across a large field of view with complete LED illumination
  • Small floor stand with electric brakes and small footprint – perfect for the OR and in-office procedures
  • C-3D module provides “heads-up” visualization with the surgeon’s binocular on the microscope
  • Remarkable quality at an affordable price


Coupling the AVENTA Surgical Microscope with the Cassini Ambient creates an ecosystem for tracking surgical detail and relevant data. Our upcoming seamless connectivity between the Cassini Ambient and AVENTA will revolutionize the management of cataract procedures.


“Great clarity. Great visualization. We evaluated other “big brand” microscopes because our surgeons were most concerned about the choice of microscope as we equip our new ASC. All of our surgeons loved the AVENTA and voted to purchase two for our new ASC. I can guarantee you will be happy with the visualization of this microscope as all of our doctors were.”

Jim Loden, MD
Loden Vision Centers, Nashville, TN, USA

“If I was going to design a microscope for cataract surgery, I’d design it like the AVENTA. It has a smaller footprint than anything else I’ve used which is great for the OR and heads-up surgery. The optical quality is excellent – I have not yet seen anything better, and you visualize a red reflex across the field with the complete LED illumination. It’s nice to know that future technology, currently being designed by Cassini, for toric lens implantation, centration on multifocal IOLs and guidance on the incision will add to this scope.”

Gregory C. Hazen, MD
Andersen Eye Associates, MI, USA

Jonathan Solomon Testimonial

“With the Cassini Ambient and AVENTA Microscope connectivity, you can rest assured that you won’t lose value as it relates to surgical guidance, surgical overlay and interoperative delivery of diagnostics. This is where we’re going in the future, and I encourage everyone to pursue this technology.”

Jonathan Solomon, MD
Solomon Eye Associates, Bowie, MD, USA

*AVENTA Surgical Microscope and Cassini Ambient connectivity is currently for demo purpose only and not available for sale.

*AVENTA Surgical Microscope is currently for demo purpose only and not available for sale.